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Thanks for adding this Redpepper. I am glad you got to offer your ideas based on experience. I love you for everything!!

I must admit the comparison between the love of a puppy for her and a human being to get naked and sweaty with for him will probably soar way over the head of any monogamous person..I see zero comparison LOL! She would be expressing love with pats and treats and he would be expressing love with intercourse. I won't even try to understand that one Lover

I also don't see how sex isn't at the core begininnings of any polyamorous relationships either. I guess we differ here as I have yet to see or read about the beginings or intentions to start any polyamorous relationship without the expectations to experience each other sexualy. Differences make a realtionship full and promote communication, which promotes connection!!

Smilnlol, I hope you draw upon Redpeppers advice. She is an amazing person with experience and a cpacity to love that is both scary and beautiful to me. She is a gift that I probably don't deserve but plan on sharing my love with forever..cause I'm greedy
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