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Guy in my class quoted Nietzche, and my prof said "Sorry, we only talk about philosophers here," and everyone put on their pursed lip face. Twas a joke, yes.
I find his works to be beautiful, yet elitist. The elitism is what throws me off and turns me off to the beauty of it. Granted yes, the whole being vs. seeming "rule" of sorts does apply and has been accessed- yet the only cynic I hold on a mental pedestal of sorts is Diogenes.
I find that Sartre, Nietzche, and existentialism as a whole are what seems appealing and true when first introduced to philosophy, but only after having your mind thoroughly unraveled and fucked over and over do you really find what is real for "you" so to speak.
What I have to be beautiful and true to my existence thus far usually correlates with Socrates/Plato and some Kierkegaard. What was above the door of the Oracle of Delphi was "Know Thyself"- so I hold that to be "dear". Only by knowing yourself can you really grow as a person to the extent in which you are able to humble yourself and perceive life from the perspective of another. That is another internal snag I have with Nietzche- if you're alone and selfish all the time only challenging yourself- you do grow, yes but one should be humble enough to accept that they do not know everything and if only alone you cannot learn that which others know...if that makes sense yet this can weave into the duality of knowing thyself and the only truth that matters is what is true to you (oh balls).
I will stop here before I go on and on. I resonate much with what River said.
"Hate is a dead thing
who of you would be a tomb?"
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