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I see why you think the guy needs to be dumped...and about the manipulation there.

I don't understand why you think that the girl should be. I see her as the real relationship, and the guy as causing problems because he knows that I won't leave his antics continue, against me and against her. Sigh. It's just a matter of time before he leaves. Right now he is getting his phone fully paid for (not that I have the extra money) and his pets fully taken care of (on top of everything I have to do), and steals my grocery money to "help me out" by sneaking in cds and dvds for himself, then shows up to crash my time with her. I don't know what I'm holding onto.

I guess it's more a case of not wanting to break up with him, and letting it take out on her since she's been such a doormat for me in the past...and I have admittedly taken advantage (it's getting better though).

I would hate to let her go, but I'm sure she would wait for me and come back to me.

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