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@GS- After a time, often a couples "fantasy" becomes something that is just not workable because they had a "fantasy idea of what reality is" to begin with that is not reality. When the NRE is over, does it not usually follow that when the pieces fall into place the couple comes out together and the unicorn is abandoned? Why does this happen... I'm asking, is it because couples often have a "fantasy" that was different from what really is? It sounds like what you are saying is that with education a couple can come through that "stereotyping" as you are calling it. I think I would call it "fantasy" over "stereotype," but whatever... and find ways to work out healthy triads. I just want to make sure I understand that that is what you are saying.

Maybe unicorns are the production of peoples stereotype for the most part. Isn't that where these terms come from? A stereotype?

Well, here it is then, the education. I love that. Maybe in five years or less when people come on here saying they want a unicorn, or when I go to my poly meet or meet people on a dating site that say they want a unicorn, they will be looking for what we know of triads that work, rather than the fantasy version that seems to be mainstream poly. never know.
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