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Originally Posted by janeb1958 View Post
I've been with a poly man for about 11 months. He's married (she & I are friends) & has several other lovers (don't like one of them but ok with the others). He calls me a life partner - I see him more than any, other than his wife. It's all new to me but do understand I can't expect him to fulfill 100% of my outside needs. He's the best thing that ever happened to me - but not fair of me to depend on him. SO -- now that I'm more comfortable with all this, I have been looking (using OK Cupid) & in real life for my "primary" -- well....I've been chatting with this guy that lives in a part of San Diego County where my love has been looking to purchase a home -- SO today, the 3 of us met for the first time!!! It seem to go well! This new guy doesn't seem to be jealous or have issues with my relationship with my love!! Time will tell & I will keep y'all informed! Just excited!!
Sounds great! So were the three of you comprised of the guy you've been chatting with, you, and your love of 11 months? Or was the third a mate of this new guy? I don't know why I got confused.

Glad it went well, and yes we will want all the juicy details!
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