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Default It's all new to me!

I've been with a poly man for about 11 months. He's married (she & I are friends) & has several other lovers (don't like one of them but ok with the others). He calls me a life partner - I see him more than any, other than his wife. It's all new to me but do understand I can't expect him to fulfill 100% of my outside needs. He's the best thing that ever happened to me - but not fair of me to depend on him. SO -- now that I'm more comfortable with all this, I have been looking (using OK Cupid) & in real life for my "primary" -- well....I've been chatting with this guy that lives in a part of San Diego County where my love has been looking to purchase a home -- SO today, the 3 of us met for the first time!!! It seem to go well! This new guy doesn't seem to be jealous or have issues with my relationship with my love!! Time will tell & I will keep y'all informed! Just excited!!
New to this wonderful world of polyamory - I must be crazy - never happier!!!
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