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First of all, I would like to point out that it's not the end of the world as you all know it if he WERE to fall asleep downstairs. When you are in a relationship or living situation for the long haul, sleeping separately or together or in a different place or configuration once in a while should NOT be a point of contention the way it seems to be with you folks. So that is not a valid excuse.

Second, it looks as though that's the problem right there. He has an adolescent mentality about this and needs to grow up. He is with two ADULT women and I don't think it's unreasonable what you are asking of him.

So, the thing about sleeping after sex and the thing about stairs are easily resolved, in my book anyway. If he can't see that these simple gestures (which are not power struggles, but more along the lines of compromising about what type of pizza toppings to order) are so important (Gee, hon, I really want anchovies, but since you hate them, let's get pepperoni instead and I'll get the anchovies some other time when you're busy elsewhere, NOT: Wah! Must have anchovies AND pepperoni or... NEVER MIND, I don't want a pizza if I can't have everything on it MY WAY! And here you are Karelia, not getting any pizza with any kind of toppings at all, when I'm SURE if the situation were reversed, you would let him have half-anchovy or just take the anchovies off and eat the damn pizza anyway).

Hm. After hearing myself put it that way, I'm starting to think that your original idea of withholding sex is not such a bad one after all. Except, that is not really what YOU want to do and it's not really "proper" to use sex as a weapon. Besides, the GF wants you, so maybe you should focus more on her.

My original advice still stands however: if you're horny, masturbate. In fact, I highly recommend that you treat yourself to an Eroscillator or Hitachi Magic Wand (with accessories) and go to town right where he can see you doing it.

P.S. I got a little carried away with the pizza-analogy. Hope that it wasn't way too wacky!

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