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Default what are the differences?

Early this morning I was imagining telling Shorty how Dreamy is in bed. The last few times I was with Shorty, some of our sex talk included my telling him stories of my past sexual exploits (from before I was married). He gets off on hearing about my more "daring" experiences with other men. He asks me questions and gets really turned on when I go into detail. [Hmm, I wonder how he would feel about someone in my life currently.]

Anyway, I was thinking about the differences between his and Dreamy's lovemaking, and found it hard to explain. They've both enabled me to have incredibly mind-blowing orgasms, and I could use many of the same words to describe both of them, but the feeling I get from each is very different. Part of it is, I'm sure, that I'm more familiar with Shorty, but I really haven't known him that much longer. I was walking home from breakfast out with Dreamy and was sort of floating above the sidewalk, feeling satisfied from the time we spent together, but I know it was radically different from the satisfaction I've felt after being with Shorty. Yet, I don't know how to explain what that difference is, other than one being a little more of a quiet contentment with having been pleasured skillfully (Dreamy), and the other a fair amount more joyful, tender, and adventurous (Shorty). I think, maybe, that's it, but I really don't know. And I'm equally happy with both.

I guess that doesn't help much, but I do think this is an interesting topic.
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