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So a woman can fall in love with a couple, but does that work for the couple? They may love her, but at some point it seems to be just a fantasy. It seems that most of the time they have a naive view that the woman will do as she is told and she has the naive view that the couple will not struggle with the pulling apart that seems to happen for them. At some point it isn't the couple and their unicorn any more. It's three people loving each other. That is a huge and painful process for most couples no?

Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
So what's left on the 'negative' side ?
You touched on some good points GS. I wanted to suggest that if we were to look at the negative in more depth it would mean looking at poly's negative aspects in more depth as to me it means delving into peoples psychological make up more.

I have asked a few questions about that in above posts... relationship to parents etc... we could ask the same of any poly relationship dynamic, I think it would boil down to personal placement in ones relationship life no?
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