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I am a 49 year old mom of 4 adult children and been married for almost 30 years. Like many couples that find a stale mate creeping into their lives we searched for something not sure just what is was. We have delved into the swinging lifestyle and found that just wasn't what we were looking for. I guess we started into this new relationship with a 'swinger' attitude but soon found out it was so much more. 3 years in, we are striving to make things work. Being in a 'poly' relationship has been difficult at times but more often a joy beyond description. Many times we have wished for someone to talk to with an understanding of where we are but until now have never had this. I now have the pleasure of having two best friends which I can confide in and share all of lifes ups and downs with. From where I sit....I can see a future full of love and happiness....isn't that what everyone is hoping for!
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