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Originally Posted by XYZ123 View Post
A relationship almost never starts as polyamoros, just as a couple almost never start IN LOVE. It starts open. The "amory" comes in time. The "poly" can be there from the beginning. Don't get too caught up in labels. But don't start off denying what you are either.
Well put. I think I am starting to see why so many people have a hard time with what I am saying. Alright maybe I should rephrase my question. How common is it for two single people to start a relationship as an open one?

Although I'm not single, I remember this being a problem I struggled with when I was. Join an existing relationship, or start a closed one and open it later. I've tried both, but never started off as two singles in an open relationship. Does anyone do that? Would that make me a swinger if I did?
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