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Okay, so it's Sunday, so I guess I should finally get around to posting here!

Periwinklesunset and I are Christian, and we are of the opinion that the most frustrating thing that keeps more people from finding Christ are Christians themselves! We've become a parody of ourselves. Atheists, pagans, and all other religions combined have nothing on our ability and tenacity for shooting our own wounded and letting others feel unwelcome. However, atheists, pagans, and other religions pride themselves on the open acceptance and love for others. Isn't that supposed to be our bag?

We kept trying to find a church that didn't deliver some kind of underhanded hate, dismissal of certain kinds of people, or guilt-doctrine and came up empty (and this was back when we lived in Bay Area California, mind you). We'd be standing there listening and thinking, "well this is nice, but could I bring my lesbian relatives here?". The problem is that the church is the public face of the religion, but too many churches twist and turn Christ's teachings into a different message of exclusion and oppression. No one outside knows that the church is NOT Christ, just a flavored representative. I'm losing faith in the concept of the church. If someone asks me about my faith, I'm forced to say "well, church is a drag, but I assure you, Jesus loves you and thinks you're wonderful". Not exactly a compelling argument...

So I say all of that because what struck me is that polyamory seems to be a very Christian ideal (unconditional agape love for others), but that has been forgotten. In fact, this was the first thread I looked at before I joined, (and have been meaning to get back to). Also, I'm all for open discussion here on the board, because PMs and emails don't reach casual passers-by, or those who are on the fence. Ultimately, to combat the negative influence the church has, I think we have to do it one-on-one, (which, if I recall is what Jesus would have us do).

Okay I said my piece, off to try a church around here...
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