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"Part of me wants to tell this guy to grow up. He does not HAVE to roll over and start snoring right after blowing a load. Sorry to be crude, but that's what it SOUNDS like. I know you're going to write a long reply clarifying about how affectionate and shit he is after finishing, etc. etc. That is not really necessary."

Actually, I'm not going to clarify in a long response. He IS usually very affectionate afterwards (in our house it's a joke that she's the guy because sex gets her hyper and she rarely wants "afterglow cuddle" while he and I do). However, I agree with your general assessment, and I think it's because it's SO not who he usually is that I find it so hard to come to terms with...

Yes, he does have MS, and there are times when walking afterwards is hard. That said, he usually knows when that will be the case, and OBVIOUSLY I'd never expect him to have sex with me downstairs if he felt especially weak that day. On the rare occasions when it happens unexpectedly, it's only an issue for a few minutes. It's never like he couldn't get up the stairs, but it isn't impossible he might have to wait a few minutes. However, it's not about the MS. He outright said that it's an annoyance because he doesn't want to have to get up after, he wants to go right to sleep, or at least have the option to (which isn't what happens when they have alone time and have sex downstairs because they're not going to bed after that anyway).

So, yeah... it's a very sort of teenage boy type attitude and so not how he normally acts about such matters. But I guess there's nothing "normal" about our situation, now, either (even though it feels pretty normal at this point).
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