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Originally Posted by detritus View Post
I kind of wonder what really makes someone mono though?
In my opinion, and only specific to my own inner workings... ..monogamy can be viewed as both an ability and as an inablilty: The ability to be completely fulfilled by a sole partner both emotionally and sexually or an inability to love more than one partner with genuine emotional and sexual connection..... I say genuine because a state of monogamy can be assumed by people who aren't actually can be "faked" as well.

I am only romantically connected with one person at a time. When I am connected in that way, my sexuallity is fulfilled completely by that partner . It doesn't mean that that partner has to engage in every act of sex I like either...individual acts are not what fulfill's the energy fueled by love that does. I experience more fulfillment in kisses from Redpepper than I ever did with someone I just hooked up with and had sex with.

This also doesn't mean that I don't appreciate the sexuality of other people ( a hot ass is still a hot ass LOL)...but I don't want to share in their sexuality or be touched by their intimate energy.

Jealousy should not be a motivator to assume a state of monogamy...that is fear based.... monogamy is based on fulfillment and healthy love, just as poly is

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