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RP, I must say the words you posted to start this thread are so you know, we 3 (our V of 2 W/1M) have had our tough times, communication issues, jealousy, unresolved feelings, is amazing how my two loves can now sense when something is wrong, either with one of them or with is immediate and almost an ESP experience.....and they know when we need to address an issue, even before I can broach the subject with either of them. It is a bizarre connection I have never before experienced in any goes way beyond just finishing your spouses sentence for them at the dinner table.....

BTW, RP....I love your new pic! To me it's the coolest thing travelling with my two loves and booking a king size bed! We don't even have sex together all three in the same bed! It's just too cool being able to snuggle and share That pic brings back so many great memories, nice thoughtful touch on your part!
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