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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Do you think that unicorns more often than not have low self esteem? Have been hurt so often that they want a couple to take care of them? That they are not willing to commit to anything with any kind of sustaining depth and future?

If these points are true, and not saying that they are for everyone, adding the combination of a couple that want to take care of a woman, covet her, own her as if she were a puppy dog rather than a person... is that mix healthy? Outside of D/s that is.
Not knowing any unicorns.....but just exploring the concept hypothetically I would guess that becoming a unicorn is the worst thing that someone with low self esteem would need. But I could see that in some inverse way that would be attractive to them. Wouldn't help them improve but they could sort of function in that environment. Or maybe I am just talking out of my arse here.

One thing: unicorns may not be that rare a thing. I belong to a literary forum where folks talk about books. Of all things, a thread started about open relationships and one straight woman quite openly came out and said that she thought the highest ideal for her would be to be in a loving relationship with both a man and a woman. She thought that was something that she could really do. I was very surprised to read that on there.
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