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Do you think that unicorns more often than not have low self esteem? Have been hurt so often that they want a couple to take care of them? That they are not willing to commit to anything with any kind of sustaining depth and future?

If these points are true, and not saying that they are for everyone, adding the combination of a couple that want to take care of a woman, covet her, own her as if she were a puppy dog rather than a person... is that mix healthy? Outside of D/s that is.

What seems to happen is a couple searchs for a unicorn in the way mentioned above and comes up with a woman that is self motivated, independent, self assured, interested in fulfilling a desire to be equally loved by two others and to give in this way also. The unicorn hunters seem to get a bit bewildered by women like this no?

On the other hand a unicorn looking to be owned and taken care of might find a couple that want to make her equal and love her as such,,, being loved by her in the same way. Confusion reigns again I should think.

What of triads where two fall deeper in love with each other? What is that about? How does that happen? In the scenarios mentioned above, does this happen more or less with one scenario over another do you think?


another thought: Do you think that some unicorns are looking for fulfilling relationships with a couple because of issues with their parents?

(I am hoping this topic is not seen as judgemental, I seriously am not, I am interested to know something more is all... that is where I am coming from..).
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