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Originally Posted by yoxi View Post
I don't assume any sharp transitions, but also no reason to assume it won't feel like a change of state, at least in retrospect
Here's how I see it (But I could certainly be wrong!): I already possess, albeit in limited degree and proportion, those qualities which are the qualities folks have been calling "enlightenment". So do you, and so does everyone else -- in differing degrees and proportions.

The primary attribues of "enlightenment" are, as I see things now, (a) lovingkindness and (b) mindful awareness. Each of these, when practiced effectively and in combination, bring about more enlightenment, which is to say more of these two. And the more one has of these two the more freely this whole directional trend of growth and development (unfolding) is likely to unfold. Only when we get in the way of these two qualities of "awakeness," when we contract awareness, compassion, etc., do we apply brakes on the "journey" of "enlightenment" -- which might be better called "enlightening," since I doubt there is a terminal conclusion to the process.

Of course, my model (which I've borrowed from others) goes a long way toward eliminating the whole Worshiped Guru projective fantasy that too many folks get caught up in. It also allows us to meet our favorite teachers face to face, as -- ultimately -- equals. This diminishes all kinds of idealizational fantasies which prevent us from seeing ourselves and others in a true light.

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