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That is a little to scifi techy for me LR. LOL! Simply... soulmate is a person who for many reasons touches you so deeply in a spiritual way that you are changed by them in a profoundly loving realization. The person/s have become part of you in a more meaningful way than any/most others in your life. Romantically speaking some people whether mono or poly are not changed by every lover. Sometimes it can be only one person who touches you deeply on many levels throughout your life's various partnerships. At the age of 41, three lovers have impacted me in that way. Of course over the course of 24 years and many lovers...three who impacted my life so profoundly is not so very many for a poly-minded person. BUT, I could never imagine life without those three loves, nor would I go back to the person I was before they each helped me be who I am today. Soul mate, soul search, soul all means someone or something outside of your self connecting to you in a spiritual or emotional way. A soul mate becomes part of who you are, part of the personality or ego. Whether one has one or two or three (or more) soulmates, all depends on one's growth or need for change- how many transcending moments in life are there? All depends on the individual. That is my two-cents any way.

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