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I was just riffing off of your post, that's all. You see, *I* have this concern, this worry, that *some* folks will get themselves into an unfortunate bind (knot) by envisioning Dharma practice, meditation, sadhana (spiritual practice) as a journey somewhere else, when in reality the journey is simply further into one's own true nature -- or into the awareness and experience of that already existing fact / reality. Oftentiimes, folks combine this notion with the notion that they have to "get rid of" part/s of themselves -- and so they go to war within themselves. And I find this a particularly counterproductive approach to the journey. I wasn't saying that YOU were doing this. I just wanted to have my concern expressed. That's all. Your post evoked that concern, even if that evocation was entirely unrelated to your writing's intention.

Furthermore, all my chit-chat about selling my "wisdom" was nothing more than mildly caustic giggle rousing.

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