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Thanks for all of you responses. It actually may NOT happen on Sunday, as we keep having ongoing conversations about it. One day my wife is open to it, the next day her fears about it make her shutdown and fall back into the old Either/Or paradigm that we've always lived in. Maybe I'm just being selfish and want my cake and eat it to? But I know me and I'm open to her having another partner, also. Besides that, I also know that I've NEVER believed or experienced love as a commodity that can be cut up, bagged, traded, and weighed. I want so badly to explore new ways of loving but I'm afraid that may not be possible in my marriage. The times when her fears are activated, she feels that loving someone outside our marriage will threaten her, will eventually usurp her. I've tried to address these fears but I realize that they are a normal reaction; I know that I would feel jealous and insecure about her loving someone also but I'm at least open to it.
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