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Default we need a good man

hi, i am a 27 year old beauty, i am with my 49 year old outdoorsy girlfriend, we have been together for over a year and for a long time have been trying to find the right guy to be with. she and i share common interests like going to the beach, (we live in Jamaica) and things of that nature. we differ because i am very feminine and wouldn't like to break a nail, while she is more interested in avoiding breaking her neck when doing one of her sporty activities. as a couple we have great balance, and would love an adventurous, strong, stable man to add to our already amazing dynamic. we are business women and would love
someone who can get serious when its time for work, but knows how to relax, when its time to chill. this is a serious inquiry,as we are getting frustrated with our efforts to find a partner.
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