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Default How does one share their soul with multiple mates?

It has always intrigued me that our soul, our core of who we are and what we believe, is typically described as mated with only one other's soul, or two halves of a whole soul, joining together in love to create one. And when we meet that singular special person who holds the other half of our soul we are supposedly then fulfilled and complete and meant to spend our lives forever with that individual. Or so traditionalistic, monogamist relationship theory would have us believe.

So, I wonder, being polyamorous, how do we go about describing or defining multiple soul mates? Is this a concept most poly individuals agree exists? Or for those practicing hierarchical poly does that monogamist theory of only one soul mate relate only to your primary? Can a secondary or tertiary lover be a soul mate? Or for those monopolists-- if you adhere to one soul mate for life, should your poly partner? Or can a couple have differing views of sharing their souls with singular or multiple partners and still consider themselves soul mates?

Are there polys here that do not subscribe to the idea of soul mates at all? Is your love of another your *choice* and not some destined event?

Sorry if that wasn't clear. It's still a bit jumbled in my own brain. I'm curious to see everyone's opinions on poly/soul mates. Maybe you can help me sort things out.

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