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Word Wars IV: A New Hope...

"An image arises of a wall, a fence, a door, ... a border crossing, with the line being sharp and distinct."

Well, I only have myself to blame, since I started this by saying "no, it's more like *this* from where I'm sitting..." (though I tried to include irony in my tone of keyboard) but let's not get into universalising our own experiences - I'm comfortable with you being uncomfortable with "to", so long as you're comfortable with me being comfortable with "to" - since it doesn't do all that wall-fence-door stuff for me. I don't assume any sharp transitions, but also no reason to assume it won't feel like a change of state, at least in retrospect - and I'm really way more interested in the journey anyway, since that's the only part I'm certain about .

So by all means, you can be on the door (wherever that is), but I'm dancin' across the prairie!
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