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Yeah, I'm really happy at the moment with the process. We have a show opening tonight, and LM is on her way home from a make-up day at work. She's stopping by her BF's house first to get some 'good luck' for the performance, and then coming home for a bit before it's time to carpool to get kids from school. Certainly exciting . . .

Thanks for the comments on the profile. My first was REALLY plain and boring, and I decided that if I wanted to people to actually get an idea of who I was, I needed to talk a LOT more. So, I expanded it, through in some of my humor, and just talked honestly about a lot more stuff. After I finished it, I realized how long it had become. Well, I guess that becomes a filter all by itself, eh?

Uh oh. Just realized that Good Luck is not what we want. I really hope her visit isn't to break a leg . . .
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