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Not to nit pick, but I wanted to say that I doubt it is either helpful or true to speak in terms of a journey to enlightenment. Instead, I prefer the notion of a journey of enlightenment. (And, yes, it's more of a white water trip than a walk in the park, much of the time.) Both are tiny words, but each packs a lot of punch in two letters! But the word "to" seems to imply that there is a getting there. "Are we there yet?" And for there to be a getting there there has to be a Not There Yet. An image arises of a wall, a fence, a door, ... a border crossing, with the line being sharp and distinct. But I think what happens is that the light is on a dimmer switch, not an on/off switch. And there's no final finish line.

That will be twenty dollars at the door please.
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