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Are we limiting this to true unicorns. At least how I have always understood them

Bisexual, single, COMMITTED to the a poly-fi triad setup

Everything else becomes infinitely more simple to obtain. (it sounds like I am shopping, but thats always been my take, and I like to have common ground to base a discussion)

I will quote from my own thread

Oddly enough, I found a mythical unicorn, one who wanted to talk about relationships. This was not one I wanted to get involved with but... she had some interesting points. Being a very honest unicorn I found her blatantly honest about her intentions. Low self-esteem, scared to commit and terrified of being "needed" in a relationship. She was a secondary and a unicorn by choice because she wasn't stable enough to be in a regular relationship. Now I know poly isn't about the unicorn hunt, but how often does it start that way? I wonder how many people really try to think to themselves why someone would be a unicorn? I am not saying all unicorns are like this, but I know I have wondered about some.
I would be curious to see answers. I have seen more honest assessments of unicorn hunting on fetlife, where there are unicorns. They are fully aware of what they want

If I have time later I will throw in my two cents. I started as a unicorn hunter and am not now. So I do have more opinions than just my cynical one
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