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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
river... Nre one's fault... I think I have to disagree. We all make choices and I never get a pass on bad or thoughtless decisions no matter what.
.....she said "I'm not doing this for you I'm doing it for me. I feel safe... I feel safe in your arms" I didn't really know what to say in that moment..... long pause.. " that good I'm glad you feel safe"
Although my changing some estate planning which is mostly symbolic and would have no effect on day to day life even if I were to die. I still have not told her of these changes. I not sure what will be the reaction... How would some of you people react if confronted with this type of news???
to me, thoughtless decisions and bad choices are a result of some peoples inability to act and respond approriately to NRE. NRE is not the cause of her behaviour, its the result of how she handles it. Not very well by the sounds of it.

I think the two other points in the quote relate. Her sense of safety might be jeporidized. I don't necessarily think that you shouldn't of done what you did, but I guess you could of mentioned it before in the spirit of setting an example of how you wish to be treated. I don't blame you for how you handled it though.
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