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Originally Posted by detritus View Post
Thanks for the responses everyone. LovingRadiance, I actually just found a short article by Deborah Anapol on Psychology Today that addressed my question a little bit. I didn't realize she had also written a book. I'll check it out, thank you! I spoke again with my husband about what happened this morning and he apologized. Nerves were worn thin and not enough sleep had been had, and he sees now he was in the wrong. We're both pretty exhausted and wrung out from all the changes to our lives lately--work, friends, family, plus the relationship changing. It's been a tumultuous last couple months. We don't have/want kids, so I think that makes it a little different in regards to adding partners reducing the workload...though I wouldn't say no if someone wanted to cat sit so we could take a spontaneous trip. :-)
You're welcome. She has three books. I've read two-both were good.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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