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Cool Denver open-invitation

Hello Denver polys-

As you may know, periwinklesunset and I are dipping our toes in the water, and learning about the poly lifestyle. Now that the weather is cooperating and we like what we're reading, we'd like to meet you all. We certainly don't have to do a convention-style mass-meeting, so this is just an open invitation to meet with you on your own time for coffee or whatever you might have in mind.

(I should preface this discussion by saying as we're only recent transplants, we're still not the super-outdoorsy-athletic-type mandated by the state, so we haven't yet picked up hiking, skiing, or any of that stuff at this point - maybe as our health improves). We're in Littleton, but enjoy meeting new people and places, so we can come to you or meet at a favorite spot in-between.

No rush. We have been exploring breweries, museums, and other fun places, so we could incorporate those. Also we love dining out. If you are local, some weeknights are fine, but the weekends are usually wide-open. We look forward to meeting you!
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