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I think you're right about the weather. We're in Colorado, and even though it snowed *weeks* ago, its still hanging around, despite constant sunshine, (we're at 5500+ so it takes *forever* for snow to melt). Now don't get me wrong - its pretty and I love my new home, but for a while there you feel hemmed-in.

We discovered this board, (and the fact that we are not alone in the Denver area) in the middle of the storm (figuratively and literally). The first thing we wanted to do was meet everyone, which is kind of difficult when visibility is 10 feet and the snowplows themselves are slipping. Then we wanted to do a local meet-and-greet with other polys, but is it going to snow this weekend? Maybe, no, wait for next weekend? maybe... It surely throws a monkey-wrench into your ability to socialize.

I think we're learning that when you live in a snow state: Keep warm, and get the hell outside when you can!
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