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Default Walking Meditation

This is another one of those "form follows function" aspects of my life.

After putting up my running shoes and putting on work boots, I found myself in college without a vehicle and relatively no money. So I walked. Everywhere.

Having already been exposed to the "runner's high" and the mental ease to which long stretches of sustained running put my brain, simply walking was, well, a walk in the park. I would look forward to the two miles between my apartment and the shop as a way to clear my mind before getting down to a long night creative problem solving.

The walk home was even more beneficial, as it relieved the tension of lifting, pushing, moving, straining, thinking....

I should add that I am a fast walker, and I tend to move in a "tangent to tangent" path, always seeking the most efficient way to move from point A to point B.

Somewhere along the way, I adopted this way of moving in the shop as well, using the short distances between machinery to breathe and center myself for the next task. To the observer, I appear determined and intense, which I am, but my mind is unattached and calm.

The nice thing about walking meditation is that it only requires that you walk...the breathing happens naturally, following the rhythm of your pace, and soon after comes the centering.

Walking railroad tracks, however hobo-like it may seem, is a fantastic trick for learning to let go of controlling the pace of one's stride.

Provided, of course, that you aren't hit by a train, in which case, your awareness of the oneness of all things becomes immediate, interrupting one's peaceful journey to enlightenment.
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