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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
You are on a poly board asking poly people pro and cons. Its been so long since I have been monogamous, the only benefit I can see is protection. So I know for me, I cant answer this question very honestly.
I know, I know. I'm aware of the irony. Still, there are a few mono people on the board, or people in mono/poly relationships that I thought might have some thoughts. Or, at the very least, people who are little newer to poly whose memories of being monogamous are little fresher.

I think your description of finding strength in being vulnerable is apt. The raw vulnerability I'm feeling right now is *really* exhausting, but I'm finally starting to relax into it. Hubby and I curled up last night to watch a movie together and started talking about the different kinds of people we find attractive, our crushes, etc. We haven't done that in a while, and I always enjoy it. And I finally had the realization that when he wants to date other women who are different from me in whatever way, I shouldn't see it as a criticism of me--he isn't saying he wants me to be more like them in that way. It's just being attracted to different things, in different people, in different ways. So I guess remaining vulnerable for these last couple months is starting to pay off.

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