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first to continue the thread which i forgot about::
i went to see E, it was sweet. seems like i broke her heart due to what she expected, but i want to be her friend forever. different kind of spark than imagined, different kind of vibe. we're awesome though, talk often, are super close.

the local boyfriend is new, about a month in the making. we'll call him J.
i met him about a year ago, we played a show together, we played music together once every 1-2 months for the last year or so. I invited M along to the sessions at his house, she laid in an inflatable boat as we shot into space.
they love each other.
my friendship with J has been based on a few lines here and there and hours of playing. I haven't played with him since they got together, too much to process. too many belly jumps and structures i need to work out.

here and there it overwhelms
i feel good usually
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