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Default All things being equal...

The most sage words I have ever been fortunate enough to have directed towards me came from a very generous friend and teacher.

An incredibly skilled craftsman and sculptor in his own right, he was referring to the understanding of the intrinsic nature of materials.

I have applied this one sentence, at one time or another, to every aspect of my life:

"If you go far enough into one material, you arrive at all other materials."

Go far enough into ourselves, and we arrive at everyone else, and vice versa. By way of experiencing love in a limitless way, polyamory if you like, and delving deep into the hearts of CF and RC, I have arrived at the hearts of everyone around me. I am fast arriving at the heart of the World.

I have only ever practiced walking meditation with discipline, a residual benefit from my years as a distance runner. Perhaps I was actually being trained to take all things in stride...

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