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Absolutely, Mono. Unfortunately marriage was never about love historically. It was EXACTLY about lands, funds, goats, offspring. Originally meant to simply chart who was doing who to determine proper paternity of children to prevent incest (except of the royals....why should the leaders have all their mental faculties?? lol j/k) There have been examples of polygamy and polyandry throughout history...until certain religions decided their God wanted things done a certain way. Marriage at that point became more about assets and religion.

That's why I was asking if there were financial commitments to the marriage PRIOR to her advent into the relationship. Or children involved?? I'm originally from Canada where same sex unions have been recognized in terms of health benefits, etc long before marriage itself was legalized for gays. I do know that you cannot claim benefits for more than one partner of any gender.

But Mono?? How would I LOVE to see the look on the person's face who reads my benefit update application to include HB where it reads: relationship check box and I type in "Well..s/he's COLLARED. Where is that?? Don't tell me it's not a legitimate relationship! She's locked in my basement quite happily right now!" hehehe

Thanks for the morning smile
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