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Default poly books and stories (also films) for children

Please read this first post before you comment (reason below)

3 points move me to create this thread:

a) There are polyamorous people on here with children.

b) I believe all revolutions are doomed to fail unless they can win over the younger generations. So much of children's culture - where it concerns love - is based on the ideal of a monogamous relationship. ("Happily Ever After" / all children in the stories are children of monogamous parents...)

c) I myself - without having children - write stories for them. [For me, children ("other people's children") are the most precious and important aspect of my life. And I take their literature very seriously. There is so much crap out there!] Although I haven't dealt with polyamory as such in my own stories (yet), I have tried to discourage that fairy-tale ending of "once you have found your one-and-true love, all your problems are solved" and the idea that - until you do find that one REAL love, you are unfulfilled as a person.

I would be intersted in any recommendations - and I can't think of any right now off the top of my head. (Added to which: I have to leave my Internet connection soon - until next week - and have other on-line stuff to deal with.)

Please indicate if the book, short story (in which collection? / can it be found in its entirety on Internet? give link) or film that you recommend presents an actual polyamorous situation in a positive light - code: - has a definite feeling sympathetic to the ideals of polyamory - code: - or is generally questioning (in a positive way) about stereotyped sexual roles - code (you guessed it!): . In the last case, some explanation would be nice (e.g. "openly sympathetic to non-hetero forms of sexuality"). Please also indicate the target age-range.
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