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The issue of him adapting to a monogamous life at first interests me. It comes down to the expectations of the relationship when it started for me. I stress..for me.

Did he consciously state he was changing his love style to accommodate your monogamous nature? Was the possibility of it changing to polyamory discussed before you committed your love to him in the way a monogamous person does.

I just don't intimately love more than one person at a time..simple and plain. I love giving all of myself to one person. I also appreciate how polyamorous people love and how incredibly strong they are to do this. I live in it and it is amazing! Redpepper is a gift beyond description and the strenght of her relationship with her husband is overwhelming. I love them both.

I guess I'm asking if this was an expectation of yours originally? You always have a choice..there are always options. Do what makes you happy and healthy, but please don't do something just because you feel no other options are available to you.

I hope you don't mind if I ask my Lover Redpepper to look at your posts and offer her opinion. Although I enjoy sharing my experiences, I am finding myself getting caught up in the emotions of the posts from people that I probably incorrectly assume are being pushed along against their nature. I am raw, hurt and my objectivity is being replaced by anger.
I feel for you truly.
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