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Hey River, the older post you rummaged up was actually a different girl. That past relationship was a lot more focused physically. This one was a lot more emotional.

That being said....I ended the relationship today. I couldn't really handle it.

Do you think poly is designed more for a standard circumstance? (I know...they're all different) I just feel like starting to date two people at once was a bad start from the get go. There was no established "anchor" if you will. It felt like a competition because both of the males were in a love race, simply because we started at the starting gate together.

I feel like poly is better suited for a slow build. A strong love is created first, the first partner is waiting at the finish line, already knowing that she loves him strongly and unconditionally. Then another person enters at the starting line and slowly works their way in too.

I wish she didn't create this situation....but I guess I will find love again that is more nurturing of a budding relationship. I hate to seem like I am blaming her. I know that everyone is human and makes mistakes. Unfortunately this mistake separated us. It was a wonderful experience to have known her. God, how I wish it could have continued.
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