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Originally Posted by Karelia View Post
One weekend night, he and I thought ALL of us were going to have sex. She was going through something challenging at the time, however, and wasn't up for it when the time came. I was talking to him in IM and said, "do you still want to?" His reply was, "I did if it was all of us, but I really don't feel like having to get up afterwards." What he meant was that since she wasn't involved, he and I would be having sex in the downstairs bedroom, and he'd have to get up, as opposed to going straight to sleep. This in and of itself was an issue, but then she told me she wasn't going straight to bed and he and I should feel welcome to go in the bedroom and have sex and she'd join us for sleeping later. He decided that would be awkward.
Yes; even though I seem to remember something about him having MS and sometimes stairs give him difficulty, THIS seems like a cop-out. If you're feeling well enough to fuck, it would seem that doing the stairs afterward is not beyond reasonable expectation (unless you're a paraplegic or something but that's a whole other set of circumstances and we don't need to go there). Then there's the other detail about the GF saying "You two go ahead, I'll be in for beddy-bye later". It just doesn't make sense, this "all three of us or nothing" and "I don't want to get up after".

Part of me wants to tell this guy to grow up. He does not HAVE to roll over and start snoring right after blowing a load. Sorry to be crude, but that's what it SOUNDS like. I know you're going to write a long reply clarifying about how affectionate and shit he is after finishing, etc. etc. That is not really necessary. I am simply using the "blowing a load" euphemism as a form of hyperbole to illustrate how selfish that particular behaviour pattern looks to an outside disinterested party such as myself.

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