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Originally Posted by Karelia View Post
You are semi-correct, I suppose, in this... I've already said to both of them, and to a few close friends, that I've been forced to recognize things I hadn't had to see when I was the center of his universe. However, to characterize those things as "existing issues" in my marriage is definitely incorrect. They are existing issues within my own head.


So, YGirl, I don't think you're completely off base with some of your assumptions. I did, however, want to clarify the difference between I had internal issues I didn't need to work through before the triad and our marriage had issues, because the former is certainly true, but the latter is not.
I stand corrected. Fair enough - I probably should have thrown the proverbial "and/or" in there and said "existing issues with regard to yourself and/or your marriage" because like I said, I don't know you well enough to tell where one thing ends and where another begins, for lack of encompassing terminology.
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