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Originally Posted by River View Post
2. No two things can occupy the same space at the same time.

So, I can't put a sandwich and an apple in the same lunchbox?
You can even put the apple in the sandwich, but their molecules won't be occupying the same exact space, Silly.

I think that guideline was originally a quote by Isaac Newton or someone like that. But it is true.

Can I really forgive someone while I am holding them in judgment? Can I be truly present and responsive to someone in front of me if I'm preoccupied with thoughts of other things or people? Can I give my full attention to a conversation at lunch if I am texting someone else? Can I feel good about who I am while I am beating myself up over something I did? Can I make decisions that benefit who I am today while I am focused on the past? Can I be my own person while I am resisting being just like my mother?

Multi-tasking isn't really doing two things at once; it is shifting your attention back and forth between two or more things. And being present means being with what is. Those three guidelines really work in tandem, not separately, but they do work. They help me to be able to step back and observe what's going on and respond appropriately to a situation, rather than reacting out of old tapes that get played. The result is transformation -- of myself, the situation, the people around me, or any combination of these. Even all of these can be transformed at once. It takes practice though, and reminding myself. Old patterns of thinking and behavior often get in the way.

BTW, River, the Radical Acceptance book arrived today, and I'm looking forward to diving into it.
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