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Default Rebuilding trust??

Recently my trust was broken. Let's not focus on why or anything else but the fact that two people spent time together and boundaries were crossed for whatever reason; whether the boundaries are considered valid or not, fully understood or not. Forget the details and let's focus on the title of this thread.

How do we rebuild trust in this case?
Certainly not by those people trying to avoid spending time together. That would indicate a lack of control or inability to maintain boundaries. This would only serve to create less trust and more concern.

If I were to say "you can't spend time together" that would mean that I don't trust my partner and that is not cool on many levels. It leads to a deterioration of our connection. I think trust can only be rebuilt by revisiting those similar circumstances of spending time together without crossing boundaries. Jump back in there with the benefit of past experiences.

Does this make any sense??

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