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I'm with GS on this one. I don't see marriage as a contract or simply a function "of the state" but I certainly do see it as a higher level of commitment. They could be doing it to take advantage of government perks but it will definitely make their relationship a priority in my opinion. I base the concept of "secondary/primary" on the impact each partner has if removed from the relationship. When you have the type of financial integration and government/employer benefits that marriage can create you ultimately have a greater impact on the that maintaining that relationship will likely become more of a priority to keep stability in the big picture of life.
If the non-married partner leaves, the overall impact will be less; no paperwork, no forms to fill out with the government and probably very little social pressure normally associated with ending relationships.

So the question is, to repeat GS, will you be healthy in that situation? You can't expect to be treated equally but you do have the right to be treated fairly…and those are two very different things.

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