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I'd heard that about martial arts practice, Karma. One day I might like to study Aikido. That practice has always attracted me.


Excerpted from this morning's email to a dear friend.:
The other morning, while "sitting" (as we call it), everything went utterly silent--and remained dark--and something in me which was me (?) was suddenly falling rapidly through space, toward Earth's center of gravity. Actually, it's difficult to discern what was falling through what. Was some part of me falling through me? I dunno. The curious thing was how there was nothing. Nothing at all -- no thought. Nothing -- except the sense of breathing. Maybe some faint sense of gravity. I was awake in black space, though on the verge of sleep, perhaps. Kevin asked when I told him of this if it felt as though I might die. I agreed. He knows this one. He said "If you return to the breath (awareness of), It'll work out. I did thrust my eyes open when I "fell," instinctively. I didn't know where I was! It wasn't the first time this happened, only the most intense. It's now happening most recent "sits". I think I'll just see what happens. It scares me, but Fuck, so what? I'm sure as hell not going to stop this ride. Meditation owns me now. Or ...? Who's meditating, anyway?
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