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Originally Posted by HappiestManAlive View Post
Geeze does this thread hit home. This is the single biggest issue in our relationship right now.

Basically, Violet monopolizes the unholy hell out of my time, and feels justified in doing so, and the other 2 get the table scraps. And whenever I try to work things differently, there's hell to pay. And GOD FORBID anyone tell Violet that she's doing so; THAT'S a can of worms NOBODY wants to open anymore.

Basically, Lana respects my time with Violet to a degree that's unhealthy for her and is alternately tolerant and respectful of my time with Adrian.

And Violet is alternately resentful of my time with either of them or totally benevolent - "hey baby? [Adrian/Lana] really seems to need you right now. Why don't I go [insert something here] while you take a few hours to take care of her". And then uses that as ammunition the next time one of them voices an issue with her getting every night and half the days with me.


I spend every night with Maca. During the week he leaves for work early and I generally spend those mornings with GG. Weekends are Maca's.

However, I have the kids in the morning during the week. Since I homeschool, I can't just relax and curl up in bed all morning. I have to get up and make sure that they have help for their school work and morning routine.
On the weekend Mimi gets up with the kids, so I have longer mornings in bed with Maca.

GG definitely gets "table scraps" of my time. He never complains. But-it bothers me.
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