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Originally Posted by RfromRMC View Post
Having been to both, I often describe London to fellow Americans as a mix between New York and Washington DC. London is huge like New York...and has all the entertainment, business, financial stuff. But it's also a little like Washington in that it has fewer skyscrapers, lots of government institutions, embassies, etc...and other political things that usually are found in a nation's capital city.

Now that I think of it, the US has that heavily in common with Australia & Canada--- a separate capital city that's not the big major financial "capital" (or Largest City). Unlike most of the major Euro countries, where it's the same city.
I think that just shows that Europe is all about the money, where the US, Canada and Australia are more about government and keeping their citizens happy. To me anyways. It seems the government here is always out to fuck over the people, just to make money. [which they ended up failing at and owing thousands of millions to everyone.]
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