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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
But she explained this Fri-Sat arrangement would be flexible, depending on what activities we all would have, me, gf, her bf and his live-in gf. There would be exceptions made for special events, holidays, trips planned, employment issues, etc.

Do you 3 also have this kind of flexibility?
Yes. We generally stick to the same days, but twice we have had to rearrange things because my wife wanted to be home for special events such as you describe. For instance, in the very first month one of the children's birthdays and our wedding anniversary were on consecutive days, which both fell on his scheduled days. He was upset and communicated this to me wife. (At that time we had not properly met and did not communicate with each other)
We talked it out and rearranged different days for D and her and all was cool.
We always try to give them 3 consecutive days together, as long as they have that I get my 4 days by default.
A schedule gives everybody something to build around I find.
We can be very flexible these days. For instance last Sunday evening our boiler broke down and we had no hot water for the children's baths. A quick phone call and then we put the three youngest ones in the car and my wife bathed them all (and had a shower herself) at D's flat and then I picked the kids up in their pyjamas, which they thought was a great adventure. The next day to say thanks I cooked him a dinner and my wife left it in his flat with a note for when he came home from work.
It's just about trust and talking.
My wife absolutely loves the fact she has the support and resources of two men. We think we have the best wife out there.

My advice would be to try the schedule they want for a month or so Magdlyn and see how it works out. Would there be any strings attached like you cannot contact her during that time?
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