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Oh man. So what do you do when you are in a poly relationship with the other guy really not being very conducive to a poly relationship to begin with? I'm trying my hardest to adapt and quell the jealousy inside me, but I can only go so far on my own. It sucks to feel like you're at the mercy of the other party, and that they aren't really willing to be invested in this fully. And it sucks even more to feel like the only way through this is by leaving it completely behind. I think I will gird my patience for one last chance, and see what happens. It's just very taxing emotionally.

I'm going to hope for some light to appear at the end of the tunnel soon. If not, I'm going to have to just leave it as a painful lesson learned.

Sorry to just vent here. I hope it's okay to share my frustration/difficulty with this new experience. I want things to work, I really do. It's just like that question one is faced with, that only the self can answer, "is this worth it?" And I guess this is the first relationship I've ever really had so it's so tough to know the answer in my heart of hearts.

Poly without everyone on the same page and open to communication = DIFFICULT!!!!
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