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I tucked a few cards into LR's carry on bag and on the drive in ( to the airport ) I had GG slip a small box, with a ring in it, in her bag as well.

The pain meds are making me paranoid and pissy. Im trying to stay off of them but it hurts like hell if I dont take them. Not to mention I feel like
alternatly yelling and crying. Im going fucking crazy!!!!

LR got a card and a rose for everyone before she left.She made a big deal out of not wanting GG or I to do anything for her on V-day. I never listen to her though. Guess we make a good pair because she dosnt listen very well either.

I was going to ship flowers to her and her girlfriend ( in Florida) but she bought me flowers after my surgery ( which was sweet) but she used my account so now I dont have any money left.

I made two appt for a therapist. the first one available was at 4pm on LR's B-day. I told her that I was srry and that she dosnt need to go. It is her B-day after all. I dont want to get caught up in the " its just not the right time to go" mode. So I took what I could get.

Happy Valentines day to all you lovely sexy ladies out there.

Most of all HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to you My Angel Lover.

" NO WORDDIES BE HAPPY"- My 2 year old baby girl
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